Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How To Build A Successful Chiropractic Website

If you are in the chiropractic business, having an online presence is just as important as getting patients through the door. Keep in mind, a chiropractic website should be built a bit differently than the average business website. Before getting started, below are a couple of ideas you should be keeping in mind.

1. Only Use Relevant Photographs

A lot of chiropractors are truly guilty of using photographs of empty rooms, hallways, reception desks and photos that are just too personal. These are often irrelevant and can clutter the webpage. Use photographs of satisfied patients and one professional photograph of you and that's more than enough.

2. Easy Contact

Make it easy for potential patients and current ones to get in touch with you. A lot of websites make it very hard to find contact information. If you're concerned about receiving too much spam in your inbox, create a contact form patients need to fill out.

3. Easy To Navigate

It can't be stressed enough that people are much more likely to deal with you if your website is easy to navigate. Meanwhile, sometimes you feel that fancy scripts and flash is the way to go, but it really isn't. Not everyone is tech savvy and not everyone has the Internet to load all of the extras.

4. Let Everyone Know About Your Website

People are often too focused on finding new customers that they forget about their old ones. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to advertise, so let your current patients know about your new website and how they can keep in touch with you.

5. Let People Know What To Expect

Some people have never been to a chiropractor's office. When you're providing people with information about your services, write down in detail what they can hope to expect from a visit.

6. Create A Profile For Yourself

People want to know that they're dealing with a professional chiropractor. Create a page that outlines your experience and education, so people are much more likely to take you and your business seriously.

7. Don't Make Pricing A Mystery

Don't make people guess how much you charge for a basic visit. It is understandable that your pricing may often depend on certain factors, but at least post a basic pricing chart.

Building a website of any type is not easy. However, if you're a professional, it is even more important to build a website that reflects your business practices!